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Anti-inflammatory Jinka Turmeric Plus

What Is Jinka?


Jinka is an all-natural anti-inflammatory product with a wide array of health benefits.


The product is made with a special blend of premium turmeric, ginger, nutmeg, and 5 more premium spices.


Daily intake of Jinka supplements can help the body in reducing inflammation, promoting heart and cell health, lower the level of cholesterol, and assist in pain relief.    


Pasta Jinka Premium Cúrcuma Plus 16oz


Cúrcuma Premium +Plus Vegana 60 Cápsulas


Frasco de 8 oz Jinka Premium Cúrcuma + Pasta Plus


Paquete-Cúrcuma Premium +Super Paquete Plus


Cúrcuma Premium+ Plus Vegana 120 Cápsulas


100% natural

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