About us

Jinka Premium was created after my wife was diagnosed with prediabetes. She had recently given birth to the most amazing little girl, and my fear was how we were going to give our daughter the best of us when diabetes was a part of our life now. Our love would not allow this sickness to defeat our family. We started researching different organic doctors and their methods to reduce the inflammation in the body.

Jinka is changing lives and is helping people feel and look better in the process.
Faith allowed us to hear what the universe was telling us. After creating the turmeric+ paste and taking it twice a day we began to experience abundant energy, clear thinking, decreased inflammation, and massive weight loss. After going back for her 6 month checkup, my wife was cleared of any diabetic issues, and our combined weight loss was more than 100lbs.

We began offering our paste to family and friends, then the word got around that this product has been working extremely well in others so we began small-batch production to offer it for sale to our networks. The reviews have been unbelievable, and the rest is a Living Story!!!

Kim & L.J. Williams

Founders of Jinka Premium LLC

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