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Capsule Crew $avings 2022

 Let's make History together!

Six years ago, we created Jinka to heal our family. Over the past 60 days ago, many of you have joined the Jinka community and are experiencing some amazing results! We are so grateful that our Jinka is healing you and your families. Now we need to increase our production at a rate that meets this exciting new demand. We've scaled our paste production, and a new capsule machine will allow us to deliver more capsules in a fraction of the time. 

Here's how you can help: We’re selling pre-orders to be delivered in 90 days to provide the capital for this new machine. 

Four different options to SAVE and support!

  1. $1000 – $2000 in product 50% off
  2. $500 –  $650 in product 30 % off
  3. $250 –  $312.50 in product 25% off
  4. $100 –  $120 in product 20% off

Thanks so much for joining us on this journey and making a commitment to better health for you and your family!

***Let's be realistic the logistics and supply chain globally are volatile and extremally unpredictable. It's possible it may be later if there are issues at the port with our new family member (The NEW machine).  Our arrival expectation Mid May.

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